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Recruitment Requirements:

Become a Member! 

1. Be a Full-Time undergraduate/graduate student.

2. Have minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75, except for incoming freshman and transfer students (Rounding of grade point average is not accepted)

3. Cannot be a current or former member of a non-academic, non-professional or non-honorary sorority.

​4. Cannot be a first term freshman

No Hazing Policy 

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority does not encourage, condone or tolerate hazing in any form; we have a zero tolerance policy with regards to hazing. Hazing is illegal and is contrary to the fundamental values and principles of our sisterhood. Furthermore, we are proud to stand as one of the few Greek-letter organizations that can assert that we have experienced no litigation in regards to hazing in our 26 years of existence.


The definition of hazing that we abide by is:
"Hazing is any action or situation which includes any mental or physical requirement, request or obligation placed upon any person which could cause discomfort, pain, fright, disgrace, injury, or which is personally degrading or which violates any Federal, State, local statutes or university policy".


Kappa Delta Chi holds the strong belief that education is the key to eliminating the detrimental practice of hazing. Each chapter is trained on anti-hazing policies on a bi-annual basis prior to administering our national New Member Education program. All of our activities are designed to teach the duties and responsibilities that members of our organization have as sisters, as students at their respective institutions, and as residents of their communities.


Rush Process


The first step in becoming a sister is to attend one of the informationals held at the beginning of each semester. This is where prospective members can learn more about our organization. Afterwards, ladies can attend a certain number of Open Rush events. These events are normally at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Ladies who complete the requirements in attending the events will pass onto the next step in recruitment.

Contact our New Member Educator at for more information!

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